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Top 5 Easy Dinner Recipes By Chinese Masterchef | How to Make • Taste Show


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Masterchef John Zhang shares how to make easy dinner with fan’s favorite noodle, fried rice, beef, seafood, noodle soup recipes in step by step instruction.

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0:19 Crispy Pan-Fried Noodles
2:57 Curry Beef Fried Rice
4:47 Seafood Rice Noodle Soup
6:11 Chef John’s Pork Sauce with Noodle
8:12 Chinese Beef Stew

Dish 1:
Noodles are convenient to make for any meal and can be paired with many ingredients. Whether you’re craving seafood or pork, they complement the delicious texture of noodles. Add in some fresh vegetables and the dish will be both colorful and nutritious.

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Dish 2:
The sweet earthy flavor of curry with the tender texture of beef in rice is a comforting taste. This recipe will show you how to make an easy curry beef fried rice with a variety of ingredients that are nutritious and that complement the dish.

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Dish 3:
A nice broth with tender rice noodles is comforting after a long day. With a medley of seafood and different vegetables, it is filling and nutritious, so you can have a hearty meal with no guilt.

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Dish 4:
A homemade pork sauce is great for when you are on the go. This rich, flavorful sauce can be preprepared so that when you need to grab a bite, you can pair it with bread, rice or noodles, making it both convenient and delicious.

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Dish 5:
A rich sauce with tender beef brisket is the perfect complement to a warm bowl of rice. The savory-sweet taste of the sauce, meat and different vegetables makes for a medley of great tastes .

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