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How To Make the Perfect Tequila Sunrise


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How to Make the Tequila Sunrise by Cocktail Cards!
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The Tequila Sunrise you see today is far from the original created in the late 30’s. It originated from a cocktail containing creme de casis and lime juice. But today’s version took a turn and now uses orange juice and grenadine.

This drink is very easy to make, and well… very easy to drink! A lot of places will simply layer the drink and have you stir it all together with a straw, but I like to shake the tequila and orange juice to get dilution and full mixing of the cocktail.

I also like to add the grenadine to the glass first so you have the darker red color on the bottom and to create the perfect sunrise gradient easily by stirring the bottom of the glass with your bar spoon. No more guessing! This technique gets it right every time!


Tequila Sunrise Recipe:

⚈ 2oz (60ml) Tequila
⚈ 4oz (120ml) Orange Juice
⚈ .25oz (7.5ml) Grenadine
** Elevate this drink with homemade Grenadine **

Add Tequila and orange juice to shaker.
Add ice then shake for 8-10 Seconds

Add grenadine to your Collins Glass.

Add Ice to glass, and strain your drink into the glass.

us the back of your bar spoon to stir the bottom of the glass giving you a sunrise gradient effect on your cocktail!

Garnish with an orange wedge or wheel.



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