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बिना अंडे का आमलेट | Eggless /Veg Omelette | easy Breakfast recipe | Chef Ranveer Brar


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Whether you dont have eggs at home, or you cant have eggs at home, you can still enjoy an omelette!! Here’s how 🙂

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Preparation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 15-20 minutes
Serving 2

½ tbsp Oil, तेल
1 tsp Butter, मक्खन
1 medium Onion, chopped, प्याज
2 Green chilli, chopped, हरी मिर्च
½ inch Ginger, chopped, अदरक
1 medium size Tomato, chopped, टमाटर
1 tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped, धनिया पत्ता
¼ cup Process cheese, grated, चीज

For Batter
1 Bread slice, (trim the edges), ब्रेड स्लाइस
1 cup Gram flour, बेसन
⅓ cup Refined flour, मैदा
Salt to taste, नमक स्वादअनुसार
¼ tsp Sugar, चीनी
1 tbsp light Saffroncolor water or Haldi (optional)
1 cup Milk, दूध
½-¾ cup Water, पानी
1/2 to 1 tsp Baking soda, बेकिंग सोडा
1-2 tbsp Melted butter, मक्खन

Other Ingredients
1 tbsp Oil, तेल
1 Tomato, cut into half, टमाटर
1 medium size Boiled potato, diced, आलू
Salt to taste, नमक स्वादअनुसार
Black pepper powder, काली मिर्च पाउडर

For Bread Omelette
1 tsp Oil,तेल
2 Bread slice, ब्रेड स्लाइस
1 tbsp Butter, मक्खन
3-4 tbsp Process cheese, grated, चीज

For Garnish
Coriander sprig, धनिया पत्ता

In a non-stick pan, add oil, butter. Once it’s hot add a little onion, green chilli, ginger, tomato and saute it well.
Add coriander leaves and saute for a minute.
Now, pour a ladle full of batter and rotate the pan so that it spreads evenly all around.
Cook till the underside is done and the edges begin to loosen
Add grated cheese on one side and roll.
In a non-stick pan, add oil once it’s hot, add tomato and potato.
Season it with salt and pepper and cook until it’s light brown in color.
Serve hot with charred tomatoes and potatoes.

For Batter
In a bowl, add trim bread slice, gram flour, refined flour, salt to taste, sugar, and saffron water.
Add milk, water, baking soda and whisk it well.
Make sure there’s no lumps or you can bend it with the help of a hand blender.
In a non-stick pan, add butter once it’s melted, pour it into the batter bowl and whisk it again nicely.
Keep aside for at least 15 min before
further use.

For Bread Omelette
In another non-stick pan, add oil once it’s hot, add remaining onion, green chilli, ginger saute it well.
Add tomatoes, coriander leaves and saute for a minute.
Pour a ladle full of batter and rotate the pan so that it spreads evenly all around.
Apply butter on both the bread slice, place the bread slice on the pan butter side upward.
Flip the omelette on the other side, add grated cheese and fold it from all the sides.
Place the other bread slice on top and then flip it so that the other bread slice gets toasted.
Once the surface crisps up, take it off heat.
Serve hot.
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